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Keep your office free from clutter and your information secure



Feel confident

Documents are a nearly unavoidable product of almost every business. Over time, however, these documents can build up and create a messy, unwieldy situation in your office. Let us help you keep your office neat and organized with secure off-site document storage options.

The information contained within your business documents is often confidential and sensitive for your business, as well as your clients. Protect both and create more secure business practices with regular document shredding to manage your archives and your more recent papers.

Our fully bonded and insured team can arrange for pick-up of your documents daily, monthly, or weekly and store them in a locked area as long as you need them archived.

When you no longer need your documents, you can arrange for them to be shredded. We provide Destruction Certificates to ensure total and effective shredding.

If you would feel more comfortable watching the destruction process yourself, you are welcome to come to the facility and witness your document shredding as it occurs.

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